Press Release – International Language Day will be observed at Florida International University in Miami

Posted: ফেব্রুয়ারি 22, 2013 in আন্তর্জাতিক
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Event to Celebrate Language Day of Bangladesh, International Mother Language Day and the International Anti-Imperialist Struggle.

One Struggle ( will host an event, “Language Day of Bangladesh and the International Fight Against Imperialism,” on Feb. 22 at Florida International University in Miami. It will consist of a panel discussion followed by a cultural program.

For the discussion, Irtishad Ahmad (FIU) will provide historical background on the Bangladesh war of independence. Abdy Javadzadeh (FIU) will discuss imperialism and its effects, and attacks on the working class globally, including austerity measures and sweatshops. Jarek Loovali will describe the role of culture in revolutions, using the example of the “singing revolution” in his home country of Estonia. Leña Verde will describe the successful struggle to rid the island of Vieques (near Puerto Rico) of the U.S. Marines. And finally, Daniel of One Struggle will talk about the struggles against imperialism and for the minimum wage in Haiti, and the Rapid Response Network, which is organizing solidarity for a worker in Haiti who was beaten in a factory producing clothing for the Canadian firm Gildan, after demanding to be paid the minimum wage.

Following the discussions, several singers will sing Bangladeshi songs. Solos will be performed by Farhana Orchi, Piyali Sukla, and Syeda Shamima Jesmin and Kaniz Ahmad. They will be joined by Shohag Uddin and US singer Travis Newbill for mass songs (to be sung in Bangla and English): “John Henry” and “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” Catherina Rozario will introduce the songs as well as recite poetry from Bangladesh. For even more internationalist solidarity, Kiki Wainwright will sing folk songs from Haiti, Marc Luzietti will sing an Italian revolutionary song, and Unity Rise will perform traditional US labor songs.

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Swapan Majhi


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